Metallic Enclosures

Our wide range of medium size wall-mounting Enclosures to large suitable Floor-standing Enclosures has been designed with the user in mind. Practical, efficient and a variety of standard sizes and accessories offer a solution to virtually every application, or can be easily customised to suit specific requirements. Select between steel or stainless steel to better suit the installation environment. In our stainless-steel offer you can find the optimal solution where cleanliness is required, or for high corrosive environments.

Product Categories:

Wall-mounted Enclosures (GI or Stainless Steel (304L or 316L) From 800×800 mm to 1200×1000 mm)

Floor-standing Enclosures (GI or Stainless Steel (304L or 316L) From 1200×600 mm to 2200×1600 mm)

Control Desks (GI or Stainless Steel (304L or 316L) From 1000×600 mm to 1400×1600 mm)

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