Intact supplies Traction batteries, Inverter Batteries and Automotive batteries, from leading battery manufacturing plants, with high quality and durability to suit the current market requirements. Capacity range starts from 2.5 Ah to 5000 Ah.

  • Guaranteed high energy efficiency and energy cost savings.
  • High power density
  • Optimum footprint and volume efficiency
  • Long design life
  • Developed for specific applications
  • 6 & 12 volt monoblocs
  • 23 to 780 Watts/cell sizes (15 min. rate to 1.67Vpc at 25oC)
  • Wide Operation Temperature Range
  • Available in flame retardant ABS material for the battery case.
  • Deep Cycle, SLI or Dual-Purpose
  • Valve regulated Lead Acid or Ni-Cad Batteries
  • Flooded or Sealed (AGM/Gel) technology
  • Gelled electrolyte means no risk of spillage
  • Maintenance free - no water topping up necessary over the complete battery life
  • Low gas emission permits decentralised charging of the lift truck or makes the use of a simplified charging room possible, resulting in cost savings
  • Lead Acid Batteries (Wet Cell/AGM/Gel Cell)
  • Nickel Cadmium Batteries (Wet Cell/AGM/Gel Cell)
  • Yuasa
  • Rocket
  • Panasonic
  • Genesis
  • Data safe
  • sunrise
  • HBL and Exide etc
  • For automobiles, motorcycles, electric powered vehicles
  • Trains, aircraft, ships
  • solar power generation system
  • Communication Equipment / Telecommunication
  • Power Supply
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and stand-by power for computers
  • Fire and lighting for Emergency systems
  • Alarm systems / Medical equipment
  • Marine Boat

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