Synchronous Motors

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

  • Single Phase 0.18 to 5.5kW
  • Three Phase 0.75 to 350kW

Compared with traditional synchronous motor, Intact offered, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor is different; it does not require direct excitation, with simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance. These motors can start at power frequency condition due to the starting performance of asynchronous motor, as well as the excellent properties of stable rotate speed, high efficiency and Long service life.

Product Features:
  • Use of permanent magnet materials, low starting and running current, stable performance;
  • Class F insulation polymer materials;
  • Energy efficiency standards significantly improved, compared with the specifications of the asynchronous motor, efficiency enhance by 5% - 10%, power factor close to 1, comprehensive energy-saving 10% - 15%;
  • Low temperature rising with long serve life with optimized electromagnetic structure
  • Enclosure protection class IP54, Construction and installation in the form of IEC standards
  • Secondary ultrahigh vacuum dipping paint fabrication processing, to improve the reliability of the motor;
  • Built-in fan cooling
  • Rated for continuous duty
  • High efficiency, low noise
  • Available in both characteristic smooth starting torque & high starting torque
  • Bearing with high precision, low noise, free maintenance, long service life and suitable for high speed of running.
  • Starting Line Permanent magnet with cage rotor auxiliary for fixed speed applications.
  • Permanent magnets electric motors driven by an electronic variable speed drive (VSD) for variable speed applications.

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